The BBB Decision makes no sense. He contradicts himself.


My Decision is to give the car back to FORD


 I REJECT the Arbitration Decision

My Personal Decision is to give the car back to Ford Red Carpet "Ford Motor Company".


I will let then sue me for the monies owed on this piece of shit!,


The BBB Auto line made a decision based on what information? - What a joke

 I am shipping the car to NY vis transport. I will obtain an Attorney in NY


I REJECT the Arbitration Decision


The BBB Auto line made a decision on my Lincoln MKX case

 I would like to say if I had known that the BBB Auto line uses Volunteer Arbitrators with “no mechanical background or common sense” I would have declined my case before it started.

 I am posting his decision and reason why.

 Arbitrator:  I come to this conclusion for several reasons; first of all I do not believe there is an engine knock.   ME: I remind you that “Ford Motor Company and Findley Lincoln Service department recognize there is”. Arbitrator: an Engine knock is a problem with “Fuel Combustion   ME: Are you kidding me!  This guy needs to go take a night course in. What is a gas engine.!


I am sure Linda from Ford Motor Company is opening a bottle of Champaign and laughing her ass off on this decision.

 My whole case was about LACK of LUBRICATION. Metal to metal knocking when Cold!   Ford Motor Compny says yes we have a problem.  Ford Motor Compny sent out a special mechanic to try to modify this defect. They Failed, but no this guy says he does not believe there is a knock! WTF.

 I am posting the BBB Document please read the top of page 4.  Arbitrators Decision.

 I have No faith is the legal system or consumer help line anymore.  “Buyer be where”

 It’s a sad day is the United States of America when the Big 3 can take advantage of the consumers and you have no rights. Now you know why people buy foreign products.


I will be obtaining an Attorney once in NY